Snow-man Bath Bombs


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These snowman bath bombs will thrill your child as he/she opens their gift! These Holiday bath bombs are a limited edition for the season! I love these little guys. Each Snowman bath bomb is scented with snow fairy fragrance oil, glitter to enhance the thrill of your child or child at heart. I hand painted each bomb to make them extra special. Added coconut oil helps taking your bath to the next level! Guaranteed to be loved by all ages. These bath bombs make excellent holiday party favors, stocking stuffers, birthday favors, or simply for a fun gift!

Each bomb weights approximately 4.2 oz & comes in a clear giftable bag!

3 reviews for Snow-man Bath Bombs

  1. esb

    Snowman bath bombs have a delightful soft scent and make the water shimmer… my little girls loved it!

  2. Mary Alice Ensz

    Just love her bar soaps and the whipped soaps and the deodorant ..They all smell so good! Hand lotion r fabulous!

  3. Jessica Nightingale

    These snow man bath bombs are adorable!! My daughter loved using hers!

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