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Each bar of soap has the basic ingredients of: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Water and Sodium Hydroxide. Each having its own special look and scent using 100% pure essential oils and others with quality fragrance oils. Created from a family recipe passed down through generations, it's long-lasting, intensely moisturizing and an aromatic dream!  Natural Ingredients & No detergents, parabens, SLS, or premade soap bases.

***How do I order? Simply select a scent & a description will pop up! Next if you want to add an extra 2 bars for $15 simply check the box and 2 more drop down menus will pop open. However, those descriptions won't show up but if you want to see what notes are in that bar you will need to do that in the first step!

38 reviews for Luxurious Bar Soaps

  1. Nikki Schmidt

    Just wanted to say.. I moved to a dry climate when it’s cold and had a pre-existing skin condition, psoriasis. Well, I fight dry flaky red skin all winter here! I tried Sharon’s soap cause I’m always trying to find a way to combat my condition. It’s December and I have not had to use prescription cream on my psoriasis patches! No sign of flaky redness. I will definitely keep using this soap.

    • Sharon Dirks

      Oh Nikki Thankyou for taking the time to leave me a review. This makes me so happy & the reason I love do what I do…

  2. Maura

    As a massage therapist, my forearms and hands get dry/sensitive really easy! I’ve been using these soaps for over 2 years and absolutely love them! They smell amazing and really help my skin! I would recommend them to anyone!

  3. Sherri D.

    I received my order today in such a pretty package! I ordered 3 scents in the bar soap that I haven’t tried and they smell amazing!! They are coral sands, black raspberry vanilla, and butterfly fields. I also won a foaming apple harvest hand soap and that smells really good, too! I’ll enjoy it! Thanks, Sharon, for your wonderful products!

  4. Kristin

    I have been using Sharon’s wonderful soaps for several years and last year was the first year I didn’t have excema patches of itchy skin on my legs that I always deal with in the winter. Every year they just got less and less, I’m sold!! My all time fav is the morning tea, my girls love black raspberry vanilla and fresh citrus and the guys #1 is black teakwood.

  5. Martha

    The soaps smell good!!!!!
    Thanks Sharon

  6. Carrie Koehn

    We LOVE Sharon’s bar soaps also, and I really like the whipped soap as well! Your packaging is also superb! Thank you, Sharon!

    • Sharon Dirks

      Thankyou Carrie for taking the time to leave me a review! We are thrilled you love our products! Sincerely, Sharon

  7. Bethany Holdeman

    Yes! Butterfly Fields smells real good! I like that one!

    Also I like the update to the website!

  8. Courtney

    I was a die-hard Bath & Body Works fan, and to me, bar soap was something only old men used:) Sharon’s soaps have changed my mind!! Pretty scents that leave you feeling squeaky clean, and the bars last a loooong time!! I’m looking forward to trying more of her great products.

  9. Sharon Giesbrecht

    Your soaps made my day!! …and they arrived a few days after my order! A few of my favorites are the Butterfly fields,morning tea and oats and honey 😍 Thanks Sharon

  10. Jennifer Holdeman

    I just tried a newer scent for the first time today. Butterfly fields. I may have a new favorite. It smells so light and summery and also seems very moisturizing. I’m in love!

  11. Carla Zimmerman

    I was afraid of yucky soap scum in the tub from the bar soap….. Have I found any? Nope! 👏🏾

  12. Kristi Koehn

    Love♥️ The oak moss and the tea tree and lavendar scents. And the plain lavendar for my baby… hoping it will clear up her eczema!

  13. Jane

    Love love Sharon’s whipped soap for shaving!! It’s the best❤️

  14. Shyla Isaac

    I’ve loved Sharon’s products for a long time. Recently I tried the morning tea scent, and wow, Sharon! You knocked it out of the park on that one. I think it’s my favorite of all time.

  15. Jayna

    So far every scent of bar soap I’ve used,I’ve loved. It is so luscious and lathers so amazingly.

    • Sharon Dirks

      Thankyou for your review! I love providing luscious products!

  16. Cindy

    I first used these soaps at our favorite Airbnb we stayed at in the area, and I been hooked ever since. So grateful
    the web-site was on the wrapper so I could order some.

    • Sharon Dirks

      Oh thankyou Cindy! I love providing natural clean ingredients for you! Thank you for reaching out to me! I had a pleasure of speaking with you the other day! Please share my website with your friends too… thanks again for shopping handmade…

  17. Diane

    I love the soap bars. I didn’t think I would ever go back to bar soap but I definitely love Sharon’s. My skin feels so much better and it makes me feel so clean.

    • Sharon Dirks

      Thankyou Diane, I was the same way about bar soap! It is the most clean feeling soap ever… Thankyou for your review!

  18. Gretchen

    Absolutely love using these soaps! The Cedarwood and sage is simply amazing. Can’t wait to try some more of the scents!

  19. Marilyn

    So fun to get a splendidly wrapped package and smells lovely before it’s opened! Love these products.

  20. Jennifer Holdeman

    Got another box of Jack’s Mountain Soap shoppe products in the mail again yesterday. Always so fun! Thanks aunt Sharon for making self care so enjoyable. Products as always are amazing!

    • Sharon Dirks

      Ahh, So glad you love my products! Means the world to me:) XO

  21. Denise

    The “Unscented Gardener Hands” soap is comparable to “Fast Orange”, without the chemicals! My husband is pleased and so am I! It cuts grease better than he thought it would. He is a mechanic, so a true test🙂

  22. Grace

    Like most everyone has said already, Sharon’s soaps are the most wonderful! I’ve never been one to use bar soap but that completely changed once I started using Sharon’s! I LOVE LOVE the way they foam up and the “smells” are just the right amount of fragrance!!
    And I also want to thank Olivia and Cambria in all they do to help make this soap shop productive! Last but not least, I always so so impressed when I get a pkg how beautifully wrapped they are!! ❤️

  23. Cressy Unruh

    Beautiful packaging for a product that feels both practical and luxurious! My daughter and I love the bar soaps we have gotten.

  24. Sharee

    I got the morning tea scented soap bar as a gift for scheduling a party! Would probably have never picked out that scent on my own but I love it! Not sure how to describe it but if your on the fence about getting it I’d say go for it:)

  25. Judy

    I was skeptical about bar soap, but Sharon’s soap has changed my mind! the bars do not melt easily and run down the shower walls like all others I’ve tried. It leaves me feeling clean and smelling so good! I wish i could leave another complete review for the charcoal soap, because that’s in a category by itself! It has kept my daughter’s complexion clear without drying out her skin like all other products I have tried. Perfect stuff!

  26. Jennifer Holdeman

    Sharon’s soap is SO GOOD!!! From time to time I have used body wash since she started making soap but guess what…it doesn’t make me feel clean at all! Her soap suds’s up so well, there’s scents for everyone, and as mentioned before, you have never felt more clean. Plus the bars last a really long time. Give it a try and see for yourself.

  27. Meri

    I love the bar soaps. The scents are wonderful!
    Also, the charcoal bar is excellent for acne.

  28. Loretta

    Love, LOVE Sharon’s soaps!!😍💖

  29. Rhonda Koehn

    Absolutely love Sharon’s bar soaps! We have switched to only using her products and love the scents and the clean “feeling”!

  30. Sharla

    I love Sharon’s products!✨🤍 especially the bar soaps. I had a big, ugly rash on my arm. I opened a bar of Jacks Mountain Soap 🧼 and after a few uses the rash disappeared! So this wonderful soap works great not only on dry skin but also on a random rash!😅 Thank you, Sharon and your team, for your hard work!

  31. sharla

    I love Sharon’s products! Especially the soap. I had an ugly rash on my arm that was so itchy! I opened a bar of Jacks Mountain Soap🧼 and after a few uses the rash was gone!😊 this rash wasn’t just dry skin. So this wonderful soap works not only on dry skin but also on random rashes that appear😅 Thank you, Sharon and the team, for all your hard work!

  32. Julie

    Amazing how long these soaps last. Love using them

  33. Marilyn

    Cranberry Bliss has the most delectable scent! If you enjoy berries, this one’s for you. Great for the holidays AND year ‘round!

  34. Lori

    Love these soaps!!! I bought love spell, exotic yuzu, and black teakwood bar soap. The scents are awesome!!!

  35. Julie

    I love how these soaps make my skin feel so soft! And the scents… Oh my… The lilac truly smells like lilacs in your backyard!

  36. Marilyn

    Love Spell is a wonderful scent! It has become my all time favorite!

  37. olivia

    I LOVE the Cherry Blossom soap. Suds wonderful and the smell lasts along time as well as all her other soaps. I also love her face serum. Wonderfully moisturizing! Very amazing products.

  38. Susan

    The whole bathroom smells good when my husband takes a shower! I like all the “guy scented” soaps.

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