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The Why Behind my Story…

One day in 2014 a friend & I decided to make some homemade soap! We made a few different recipes to see exactly which ones we liked best! After our first day of soap making, we were amazed at how long it took us! We stirred & stirred wondering just when it was going to trace. It literally took hours! Then after pouring it into our pans & putting it to sleep for almost a day we then cut them into bars and we each enjoyed half of it with our families!
I was interested to see if this would help some of our skin issues in our family. I figured I’d NEVER use it tho, as I was a die hard Bath & Body Works fan and fondly remember the day when body wash came in! It was the Balm!
Seeing it made a difference to the ones in my family made me want to try it also. Trying it once I never looked back, it truly is the most luxurious feeling and I love how clean I feel and that each ingredient I use, one can actually pronounce them & you truly feel squeaky clean!
I started making soap 8 years ago due to my oldest son having such dry skin. This has totally cleared up for him! All four of us made the change to all natural soap products I am So sold on it! It is super moisturizing and makes your skin feel squeaky clean, soft and moisturized. We all love this awesome soap!
I began wondering if this is something I could do to help with our finances. I had been doing cleanng jobs but my arthritic back was not handling it so well. I believe God gave me that feeling for a reason. I started selling at local shops & went to Farmer’s Markets etc.
I spent many many hours online, getting ideas, researching, learning, trying out my ideas etc. Some failed but mostly turned out. I worked Many long hard hours perfecting & creating in my little & I mean little kitchen! After a few years I opened an etsy shop & quit the little shops & markets. And later my own personal website! God continued to bless my business (Jacks Mountain Soap) He gets the credit 100%! I finally found something I truly Love doing!
Next came the name… what unique name should I call my business? One night while lying in bed it popped into my head! We live approximately 2 miles from the Jacks Mountain road, that is the main road to my Beautiful home town in Belleville. Thus, Jacks Mountain Soap (Shoppe) it was & I still love it!
And as I got deeper into this I added more & more to my line. It’s amazing how it just happened but don’t worry it didn’t just actually happen! Alot of hard work behind the scenes went into it.
We now have an actual shop for the business! I no longer work in my little kitchen! Thanks to my husband who suggested to make our 2 car garage into the workspace and a little store for my customers! It truly is so awesome to not have it in my little house! I am so THANKFUL for my husband’s wise idea & how all IN he is with this. I truly believe that the reason it is working is because of God knowing that possibly someday this will be our main income! Tony also feels this ways. With the uncertainty of his health & eyesight, but I’m sure he will work as long as he can!





So when you ask can I have your recipe or your secrets for soap making or anything I carry, really? I DO NOT give out any info. It was lots of hard work & many hours of research to reach this point! You may also do your research online!
Some days are crazy with juggling between wife.mom.work.school.duties.life.etc but in the end its a good life!
Nothing means more to me than hearing from my customers! Please leave reviews on my website! Please share with your friends. I love sharing with you too! Thankyou so much for shopping handmade & supporting a dream come true!
Sharon Dirks
Owner/Creator of Jacks Mountain Soap

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