Oh Babee Gift Set no toy


Bringing home, a new baby presents enough of worry, high & exciting emotions! Why not make body care worry-free by using only the safest, finest, clean ingredients. When it comes to body care, we’ve found that skin loving, natural ingredients provides the most nourishing care around!

A must have for any parent serious about giving their child the best ingredients in Natural Body Care. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Baby’s skins are sensitive and should be cared for in the gentlest of ways.

Safe and effective, will leave baby clean, smelling fresh and feeling naturally moisturized.

Our Babee Spa Gift Set includes one of each:  babee soap bar, chenille wash cloth, 2oz babee cream, 2oz babee oil,

Need your Babee Gift Wrapped? We have the cutest babee gift wrap available! Be sure and check out the pictures!



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