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Soaking in a hot salt bath stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, and reduces inflammation of the muscles & joints, while relaxing the muscles and mind. Each container comes with this adorable wooden scoop to use! Indulge yourself or give as a gift.

Epsom Salt helps relieve tired & aching muscles.

Some of pink Himalayan salt’s commonly promoted health claims include that it can:
  • Improve respiratory diseases.
  • Balance your body’s pH.
  • Reduce signs of aging.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Regulate blood sugar.

To use bath salts, fill tub to desired level and scoop several scoops into running water allowing the bath salts to fall with the water into the tub. While pouring the salts into the water, their scent will be released into the steam, allowing for a fragrant bath. Be sure to stir the salts into the water and circulate them well, so the fragrances are released into the steam.

Simply relax and enjoy a long soak! Taking time for yourself and unwinding from a day at work!

Ingredients: Sparkling Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Essential Oils. Approximately 1lb & 8oz per bag.

Choose from our four Essential Oil scents:

Lavender ~ a relaxing soothing favorite of many ~ including mine.

Peppermint ~ a great invigorating, refreshing scent.

Rose ~ and this time its All Roses! 🙂 Rose fragrance Oils

Sinus Relief ~ a blend of Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils. It definitely will help clear up those sinuses or congestion!

  • We’ve transitioned from foil bags to 19 oz containers to address the odor issue that the foil bags seemed to give off. Rest assured, the price and quantity remain unchanged, ensuring you receive the highest quality product!

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