Beard & Hair Kit


This perfect handcrafted gift awaken the senses and provides luxurious beard to your gentleman. This kit is the perfect gift to give to the man you love!

Scented with our Favorite Scent: Think of walking into a barber shop. It's a mix of Lemon, Bergamot, Cool Mint, Lavender, Sandalwood, Amber & notes of Musk! It's my FAVE!!!

Our all-natural conditioning beard oil moisturizes the skin under your beard, in addition to softening your beard.

A good beard conditioner should condition your beard, seal in moisture, keep stray hairs in check, and act as a light styling aid—so over time your beard not only looks healthier, it feels softer as well. Our organic Beard Conditioner does all of that, naturally!
Safe and gentle for all hair and skin types.
Spoil your beard with the softening oil, the styling beard conditioner or both!

Our nourishing beard & hair shampoo, cleans and conditions your beard and hair, leaving your beard, soft and manageable.
The shampoo is amazing for your hair and beard. It has proven facts of lessening hair loss. 🙂

This Kit includes: one 2oz beard conditioner, one 1oz beard oil and a 5oz shampoo bar.

Add - on:

*beard brush

*gift wrap


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