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I am so excited to finally bring in a product ya’ll have been anxiously waiting for! It finally is here, after several trial and error batches and giving out samples with the last batch being the best! All natural and organic hairspray that smells purely wonderful and has a lovely strong hold that lasts a long time! We are sure you will fall in love with this new product!

Directions: Mist over styled hair for a nice, strong hold. If you feel the hold is too stiff, comb through hair after spray dries. Also, if you feel it may be to sticky simply add a Tablespoon of water to fit your need.

Available in: Rose, Lemon Chamomile, Lavender Rosemary & Sandalwood (a great option for the guys)

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Hydrosol Water, Raw Sugar, Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils and Germall Plus (natural preservative).

19 reviews for Sharon's Hairspray

  1. Kristin

    Use this every day and am not looking back! Store boughten hairspray feels stiff and sticky now.

  2. Valdene Friesen

    Best hairspray ever!! Keeps it all neat but it still looks natural!! Definitely worth it!

  3. Lorna

    I really like the hairspray. It has a mild scent to it and does not leave your hair feeling coated. I sure would recommend it.

  4. Camella

    Love this hairspray!🩷

  5. Janelle Martin

    This is my favorite hairspray! I use it everyday!

  6. Lois

    I love this hair spray!! Finally found something without all those chemicals. I’m definitely in😊.

  7. Amberly Harms

    The best hairspray! It lasts a long time and holds for the whole day! I got the 2 ounce bottle to try it out and I’ve used it 3 times a week and it lasted 6 months!

  8. Tasha

    Absolutely love Sharon’s hairspray 💕

  9. Alisha Friesen

    Totally impressed!!!! Keeps hair tidy n neat all day! We do have a lot of wind here, as well.

  10. Tammy Koehn

    I got the small bottle to “try it out”. Both my daughter (frizzy hair) and I LOVED it! I’m buying big bottles this time!

    • Sharon Dirks

      Thankyou for your review! So happy you love the product!

  11. Melanie Kramer

    This is the BEST natural hairspray!! I love it and definitely will be buying more! So glad I got the big bottle 👍

  12. pjtemple

    I LOVE Sharon’s hairspray! It lasts a long time and doesnt make the strands of hair feel ‘coated’. Definitely worth trying.

  13. Kayla

    Love this hairspray!! I dilute it with water for not as stiff of a hold and it’s perfect!

  14. Danylle

    So I switched from lemongrass hair spray to this. Here’s why. It works just as good and I like the fact that me buying this directly impacts the owner of this business not 5-10 making money off of one purchase. It definitely has a stiffer hold than LG but I use less and it’s great!

  15. Nicole

    I love this hairspray alot! It’s a winner for me.

  16. Andrea

    This is the best hairspray I have found! Love it and will be buying more!🤩 holds my hair good but doesn’t give it the plastered look or feel! Truly awesome!

  17. Cheney Classen

    Yall!! This hairspray is AMAZING!!! It doesnt leave your hair crunchy like store bought hairspray!!!🤩 I DEFINITELY recommend it!!!💜

  18. Natalie Koehn

    I LOVE this hair spray. Leaves my hair feeling soft, but yet it holds it!

  19. Rebecca Seib

    I truly liked it and am buying more ❣️

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