Sleep Self Care Kit


Look what has landed here for you weary tired working friends! I am enthused to say the least about this sleep self-care kit! I am so Sold on the linen spray that I wanted to do a sleep well essential roller to add to this relaxing way of sleeping & staying asleep which is key for me! Pairing it with a lotion bar, lip balm and a face cream. What a great way to end the day with some pampering self-care!!!

This Sleep Self Care Kit features relaxing bath and body products to help you unwind before bedtime. Each product is made with skin-nourishing plant-based oils and essential oils. Handcrafted in small batches with natural ingredients.

● Calm in the Chaos: Calming blend to help you find peace during turbulent times (lavender essential oil)
● Sleep like a Baby: Relaxing lavender for sleep (lavender essential oil)
● Kit includes: a Lotion Bar, Lip Balm, .23 oz Essential Roller, 2 oz Linen Spray, 1 oz Face Cream


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